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What is an Access Point?

Access Points are social investors who can refer charities and social enterprises to the Reach Fund so that they are able to apply for a grant.

Social investors are often approached by charities and social enterprises who require extra support to raise investment. They may need further support on business planning, cashflow forecasts or measuring impact.

Access Points will be able to refer these organisations to the Reach Fund so that they can apply for a grant to carry out the work they need to do in order to raise investment.

We hope that placing the social lender at the heart of the process and asking them to design the investment support plan will increase the chance of an investment being secured. It could also result in better value for money.

A list of the approved social investors – Access Points – can be found in the Access Point Directory.

If you are a social investor and wish to talk to us about becoming a Reach Fund Access Point, please get in touch by emailing