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Story: Mixed Grant & Loan

Express Tuition

Fund: Thrive Together Fund
Type: Mixed Grant & Loan
Location: London
Date: 2023

Key achievements:

  • Increased service provision
  • Bid for new contracts
  • Improved service delivery

Express Tuition used the Thrive Together Fund to expand and improve their services.

Express Tuition offers extended learning opportunities to disadvantaged children and ESOL, employability, and training sessions for their parents as well as contractors. They aim to teach people the skills they need to reach their full potential and strengthen their confidence.

Based in London, they’re a multi-faceted organisation that aims to eradicate inequality and barriers in education and access to support. Their main project is supporting disadvantaged primary and secondary school children with extended learning activities outside of standard schooling hours, offering them extra mentoring, one-to-one support and guidance. They believe that every child should have an equal and fair opportunity to learn and grow and that is exactly where Express Tuition thrives and flourishes.

In addition, they support families and individuals who are new to the country to access services, improve their mental and emotional wellbeing and build a community. Express Tuition offers translating services, employability training, first aid training and much more to families who most need it.

Express Tuition was first set up in 2017 by a group of educators led by Gokhan Omur who saw a gap within the community for young people who needed additional support in education, outside of the mainstream offer. From then, the organisation has grown and thrived in supporting its community and serving those most in need.

Express Tuition’s main beneficiaries are vulnerable migrant people who come from challenging circumstances, low-income families, NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), and learners who are struggling in traditional education. They support people to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing and build a lasting and supportive community.

Funding is giving us strength to not to worry about ‘funding’. It means a lot so that we can freely look for new opportunities, apply for new contracts, focus on delivery and increasing quality which will bring more people you know via word of mouth creating a domino effect. But if there are these financial strains all the time affecting our thinking because of what you need to do if there's a money problem, you either shrink or you stop your services. We as a management team we can focus on more funding applications, finding more customers and doing more marketing so that we can bring more earned income rather than merely depending on funding.”

Gokhan Omur
Executive Director Express Tuition

The demand on services is ever increasing, and an example of this is the ratio of students to teachers in their classrooms. Before the pandemic, the stats were 1 teacher to every 6 students, ensuring dedicated and focused time for each student. After the pandemic, this ratio has increased from 1:6 to 1:8 in every classroom. This puts strain on services and doesn’t allow students to get the time and energy they need from teachers to reach their fullest potential.

To meet the demand for service and supply their beneficiaries with the highest quality of support, Express Tuition applied for the Thrive Together Fund, a blended finance product that offers both loan and grant to small-medium sized organisations within England. By securing this funding, Express Tuition are able to look for new opportunities to grow and positively benefit the organisation and its recipients. Applying for new contracts, increasing services and improving delivery are just a few things that Express Tuition are excited to undergo. The Thrive Together Fund “gives us the strength not to worry about funding” says founder Gokhan Omur. The fund will help ease financial pressure and support the already thriving Express Tuition to continue to help support their community and expand on their offer.

The assessment was completed by Groundwork our delivery partners for the Thrive Together Fund.

To find out more about the Thrive Together Fund click here.

Groundwork were really pleased to be able to support an application from Express Tuition for the Thrive Together Fund. As an organisation, Express Tuition is an organisation with a vision that closely aligns with that of Groundwork and our aims as a partner on the fund and we wish them the best of luck with this piece of work.”

James Hoare
Project Coordinator Groundwork

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Express Tuition used the Thrive Together Fund to expand and improve their services.
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