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Reach Fund

Reach Fund
Type: Grant
Value: £5k - £15k
Location: England
Currently open? : Yes

What is the Reach Fund?

The Reach Fund helps charities and social enterprises raise investment, the programme offers grants on average between £5000 and £15000. The grant is aimed at helping these organisations provide the final information that investors need before they can invest.

Who is it for?

The Reach Fund is for charities and social enterprises located in England that need help providing the information that an investor needs. 

You can only apply for a grant through this programme following a referral from an Access Point. Access Points are social investors approved by the Reach Fund who refer organisations they are working with to apply for grants. 

Not sure if this fund is for you? Want to talk about your eligibility or the application process? We’re happy to help, just get in touch.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if your charity or social enterprise:

  • Is close to raising repayable finance for a specific purpose
  • Has a social investor who has indicated there is information missing that is preventing them from making an investment offer
  • Is looking to raise repayable financing in the next 6 –12 months (from the point of application)
  • Has a specific investment goal, the Reach Fund is unlikely to be able to support with general capacity building 
  • Has a clear social mission 
  • Distributes less than 50% of post-tax profits and reinvests at least 51% of surpluses into pursuing its social mission 
  • Has a constitutional or contractual lock on its social mission, dividend and surplus distribution policy (also known as an asset lock)

Organisations must also have good governance, and a minimum of 2 independent Directors; the funds cannot support sole traders. 

What could I receive?

The fund offers:

Product Grant 
Amount  £5k to £15k 
Purpose To help charities and social enterprises raise investment

How do I apply?

If you have already been referred by an Access Point, you can start the application form.

Guidance on how to complete the application form can be found here.

If you haven’t been referred, then please have a look at the Directory of Access Points. 

You can then register your interest and once your registration has been approved, you can apply.

Need a little help choosing an Access Point or working out whether you’re eligible? We’re happy to help. Just get in touch.

Reach Fund - How to Apply

How does the fund work?

It is funded by Access – The Foundation for Social Investment and allows social investors to refer charities and social enterprises who require extra support to raise investment to the Reach Fund.

Chat to us

Want to chat through the process or find out if this fund is right for you? We’re here to help. Get in touch: or 020 3096 7900 

Reach Fund Application Guidance 2023


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