About Social Investment Business Foundation

The Social Investment Business Foundation (SIB Foundation) is the parent charity of the Social Investment Business. The Foundation has been making social investments with our own funds for more than a decade and have already played a transformational role in developing social investment opportunities in the UK. Through the Adventure Capital Fund and the Communitybuilders Fund, our Foundation has invested more than 63million in over 400 community organisations, supporting the development and regeneration of some of the most deprived communities around the UK.

In addition to building on this track record and making more direct investments, we have started using our endowment capital in unique ways to stimulate investment at scale in charities and social enterprises creating social change. Our new strategy involves using its money as catalytic capital to attract large multiples of investment from socially motivated and commercial investors. We aim to work with philanthropists looking to achieve similar goals.

This following diagram shows how we have structured two new funds as part of this strategy: