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Data: Futurebuilders Financial Resilience Dashboard

Futurebuilders Financial Resilience Dashboard

Futurebuilders England was a ground-breaking, Government-backed social investment fund that provided loan financing to social sector organisations in England to help them bid for, win, and deliver public service contracts. Created in 2004, Futurebuilders was one of the first social investment funds in the UK and Social Investment Business (SIB) has been running the Fund since 2008.

SIB has been working with the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) to build the social investment evidence through a 3-year data & learning project focused on the Futurebuilders Fund. Our second year of work builds on the first year’s findings to further explore market demand, access to finance pathways, and financial resilience through the release of the interactive dashboard below (and in this pop-out link for a larger view).

The financial resilience dashboard was built to be interactive and support different user data needs; allowing for filters according to size, region, sector and grant subsidy %. Financial resilience metrics shown have been selected based on a detailed literature review, data analysis, and social investor experience. We also show these measures in relation to defaulted and non-defaulted investments and start to relate financial resilience to investment performance. Currently our dashboard sample size is relatively small and contains only Futurebuilders data. SIB will continue to add to this dataset and we encourage others interested to share their data too.


  • For any questions related to the financial resilience data methods, metrics, and definitions or if you are a social investor, interested in contributing your data to this dashboard, please contact:
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