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Liverpool City Region Impact Fund

Type: Loan
Value: £150k - £250k
Location: Liverpool City Region
Currently open? : No

What is the Liverpool City Region Impact Fund?

The Liverpool City Region Impact Fund (LCRIF) provided loans of between £150k and £250k to charities and social enterprises in the Liverpool City Region (LCR) to help them increase their economic and social impact.

The Liverpool City Region Impact Fund is now closed.


Who is it for?

Charities and social enterprises that are based in the Liverpool City Region: i.e. Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and the Wirral. The definition of the LCR is the one used under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-13 programme.

Not sure if this fund is for you? Want to talk about your eligibility or have any questions about the application process? We’re happy to help, just get in touch.

Am I eligible?

  • Legally constituted and a registered charity or social enterprise, primarily constituted for social benefit 
  • Principal place of business or a material part of its operations based in the LCR
  • Economically viable and not in financial difficulty i.e. not subject to collective insolvency proceedings
  • Not operating within any of the “excluded sectors”, and will not use the loan to pay for any of the “ineligible items” (see below)
  • Its loan proposal is “un-bankable” 
  • The loan is not being used to replace funding and the project would not take place in the same form without the loan
  • Planning or already engaged in income generating activities 
  • The loan will directly help improve their organisations performance, substantially contribute to the economic growth of the LCR, and delivers activity that benefits their community and delivers social value
  • All outputs, results and impacts delivered as a result of the loan will be delivered in and impact upon the LCR

Excluded sectors and ineligible items

Below are the most relevant excluded sectors and ineligible items. We will check the full list when we speak to you about your application:

Excluded sectors:

  • Housing construction and renovation other than specialist renewable energy in social housing
  • Owning, operating or development of retail
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Large scale transport companies
  • Provision of social welfare facilities e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, sports facilities, parks, public libraries

Ineligible items

Revenue items:

  • Provisions i.e. money set aside to pay for future events
  • Contingencies and contingent liabilities 

Capital items:

  • Child-minding facilities including day nurseries
  • Mobile infrastructure such as buses, boats and other vehicles
  • Tourist infrastructure facilities which primarily service local people
  • Stand-alone car parks

What could I receive?

Product Loan
Amount £150k – £250k
Repayment Term Up to 10 years
Interest Rate 3-8% per annum fixed
  • Capital repayment holiday of up to 12 months (optional)
  • No early pre-payment fees
Security Generally unsecured (see below)
Purpose Any purpose, except:

  • Excluded sectors and ineligible items (see above)
  • Refinancing


  • The target range is £150k to £250k. However, if funds from other sources aren’t available/ suitable we could consider loans below £150k.
  • The fund will provide predominantly unsecured loans. However, we might take security if it helps to de-risk an investment and/or make it more affordable for the applicant.
  • Lower interest rates will only be given to applicants that can demonstrate strong impact and/ or where we can de-risk an investment by taking security. All investments must be State Aid compliant – this could affect the interest rate you are charged. 
  • Longer repayment terms will only be given to organisations that can demonstrate sustainability and are likely to be bankable at the end of the term. We must seek the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government’s (MHCLG) approval for any repayment period beyond 5 years.

How do I apply?


Contact us to discuss your funding need


We’ll consider your suitability and contact you with any questions


Your funding request goes to SIB committee 


We’ll be in touch with the decision 

How does the fund work?

The fund will make two waves of investment. Eight investments were made under wave one (2014-16) and we are now looking to make the second wave of investments from the returns on the first wave. Once wave two investments are repaid, the remaining funds will create a legacy for social enterprises in the North West.

The fund is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-13 programme and the SIB Foundation. 


Chat to us

Want to chat through the process or find out if the Enterprise Development Programme is right for you? We’re here to help. Get in touch: or 020 3096 7900

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