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What is social investment?

And where does SIB fit in?


Social investment is a way for charities and social enterprises to get the finance they need to fulfil their missions.

It sits somewhere between commercial investment and traditional grants. Like with these, the investor expects to get their money back (often with interest), but they are also committed to helping the organisations they invest in achieve positive social outcomes.

What does social investment look like?

Social investment could be a loan, raising equity through selling shares or even crowdfunding. It could also be a specialist grant – like the Reach Fund – which has a focus on helping organisations grow or diversify their income. 

For more on social investment and how it works, we recommend heading over to Good Finance.

How does SIB fit in?

We provide finance and support to charities and social enterprises that are working towards a more equal society. We do this in a few different ways, and have run social investment funds and programmes for six government departments, the National Lottery Community Fund and more. 

For 20 years SIB played a unique role in the UK’s social investment market, acting as: a pioneering investor, a support provider, a wholesaler, a partner and co-investor. Through these roles, SIB has built direct partnerships with everyone in the sector and increasingly uses this position to act in a learning and influencing capacity.

We know that navigating the world of social investment can be tricky for charities and social organisations – and we’re here to help. If you’re wondering whether you might be able to work with us, just get in touch

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