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29 February 2024

Let’s fix our future – join our Future Economy Alliance crowdfunder campaign

Our mission is the heart of everything we do at Social Investment Business, and as part of the Future Economy Alliance we’re campaigning to make this way of working the national norm.

Inequalities are rising, divisions are deepening, and the climate crisis is growing. Trains are cancelled, rivers are polluted, people are having to choose between heating and eating – while the companies behind these vital services record huge profits. Our local councils are going bankrupt, our high streets are empty, and our NHS is on its knees. Nothing works anymore.

At the heart of this is a broken system. Do we work for the economy, or does the economy work for us? ‘Business as usual’ isn’t working – so let’s change it. Let’s unleash the power of business to benefit people and planet. Let’s build a stronger, fairer, greener economy where all of society profits. Let’s fix our future.

We’ve joined the Future Economy Alliance to highlight the importance of working for a purpose beyond profit, and make this mission-led approach the national norm. An estimated four million of us work in mission-led organisations, and we’re living proof that business can be a force for good; we just need those in power to unleash our potential.

Ahead of the General Election, we’re ready to guide our next government in the bold reforms needed to fix our economy – and with your help, we can take our message into the corridors of power and put these issues at the top of the political agenda.


We’re crowdfunding to create a unique creative campaign that will really grab our leaders’ attention and put fixing our economy at the top of the policy agenda. Although we have the ambition and drive to change the system, we can’t do it alone; we’re stronger together. Will you help us?

We’re gearing up for an exciting campaign stunt to grab the attention of our leaders and cut through the political noise with a bold message of change and hope: that we can build a new economy where all of society profits. We’re working with a creative agency to really bring our campaign to life, and anything you can donate will help make our message heard in the corridors of power. 

To build an economy that really works for our society, we need support from across that society. Every donation is a step towards a stronger, fairer, greener future for all of us. Join the Future Economy Alliance, join the movement, and let’s fix our future.