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Report: Loan

Futurebuilders Learning Project – What have we learned and where next?

Our analysis of the Futurebuilders portfolio has demonstrated how patient and flexible investment can effectively support the social economy at scale while providing modest financial returns. Social investment is unique in its long-term approach that blends grants and loans, and encourages adaptability, flexibility and resilience.

Futurebuilders – What have we learned and where next (Presentation)


Futurebuilders – What have we learned and where next (Policy Breifing)


Futurebuilders – Full Data Deep Dive Presentation (Phase 1)


Futurebuilders – Understanding what makes social investment work (Phase 1)


This paper revisits the role that social investment can play in supporting the social value agenda, using the learnings from...
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Project Cosmic saw the Recovery Loan Fund (RLF) as an opportunity to rapidly scale up their organisation and increase their...
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We are pleased to be publishing this review with Access and Power to Change of how our three organisations are currently...
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