How to evidence your social impact

Over recent years there has been a tremendous upsurge in demand for organisations — across both charitable and commercial sectors — to provide more information about their social and environmental impact.

At its core, impact measurement seeks to gather crucial information about an organisation’s activities, and use it to relate the overall change brought about to people’s lives and the environment over a particular period of time.

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Where to start?

Daunted by different frameworks, models and measurement systems? As an engaged investor, we want to help you navigate the world of social impact with some simple and clear guidelines and helpful videos which help you get started step by step.

1.    Define your mission

What constitutes a good mission statement? The mission plays a critical role in guiding the strategy and activities of an organisation and is the first step to evidencing your social impact.

2.    Map your Theory of Change

The Theory of Change forms the backbone of any social impact measurement system. It links the day to day activities in your organisation to your overall mission or long term goals. This is a key step in deciding what you will need to measure to evidence your social impact.

3.    Measure your indicators

A measurement plan is based on your Theory of Change, and in essence lays out what should be measured in an organisation, and how. Each element of your Theory of Change should be measurable, and by attaching measurements to the elements, a complete system can be outlined.

4.    Report your results

By collecting and analysing results, organisations can gain management insights, allowing them to be more effective in the long run. And you will also have useful material to report on externally too. You can report on what is measured and how, how the organisation is doing, and what changes you might make in the future to have a greater impact.


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