This section looks inside SIB: at our pay, our people, our suppliers and our environmental impact.

Our People

One of our values is putting people first, whether that’s our internal team, our partners and stakeholders or our customers. To enable us to continually improve on how we do that we need to look at what we do, and this section looks inside SIB: at our pay, our Equality, Diversity and inclusion, our wellbeing and the development of our people. You can take a look at our up to date team and board list here: www.sibgroup.org.uk/people.

Our current headcount is 48 (up to 54 including interim consultants and temporary workers).

Of the 10 roles we have recruited so far this financial year: 7 are men and 3 are women.

Key figures for current employees

Age Distribution

Gender Headcount
Female 27
Male 15
Disability Headcount
No 28
Prefer not to Say 1
Undefined 12
Yes 1
Ethnic Origin Headcount
Asian -Any other Asian background 1
Asian/Asian British -Bangladeshi 1
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British - African 1
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British - Caribbean 1
Mixed/Multiple -White and Asian 1
Other 1
Other ethnic group 1
Undefined 11
White 24

Our Employee Turnover is 2.5% (YTD): for the last financial year, this was 9.2%.

The National average is 13% and for the charity sector is 16%.

Our support for mental health

We support our team’s wellbeing by providing a variety of initiatives and support. We currently have four trained Mental Health First Aiders, an annual Wellbeing allowance for individuals to support their physical and mental wellbeing, an annual health and wellbeing week full of activities like, mindfulness, art classes and yoga and we also have an employee assistance programme.

Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion remains an ongoing priority for SIB. Our internal EDI Working Group and BAME Network continue to provide safe spaces to share common experiences and set the agenda for more diverse and inclusive practices.

Our thinking on hiring is informed by a fundamental belief that merit alone should be considered and that diversity of talentmakes for richer experiences, workplaces, and decision-making. Since June this year, we have implemented BeApplied across our recruitment which removes unconscious bias from the hiring process and instead focusses on passion, skills and lived experience. We are conscious that there is currently under-representation in more senior positions at SIB and we are committed to addressing this by continuing to enhance and maintain diversity on our Board.

We have already been transparent about the diversity of our team above, but in the next section, we include our pay ratio, gender pay gap and the and, for the first time, our diversity pay gap.

Our pay

Our overall pay ratio: 3.9:1 (between CEO and most junior member of staff)

Living Wage LogoOur lowest paid employee earns £4,537.50 above the London Living Wage

Our diversity pay gap

  White hourly BAME hourly Difference Pay gap as %
Mean £22.81 £18.04 £4.77 26.4%
Median £19.49 £15.38 £4.11 26.7%

We have also been collating our diversity pay data. This data isn’t perfect and we’re continuing to work on it, but it does represent the reality: a lack of diversity in senior positions. We will continue to publish this transparently each year.

Our gender pay gap

  Male (Hourly) Female (Hourly) Difference Pay gap as %
Mean 1 (£70k+) £43.59 £37.18 £6.41 17.2%
Mean 2 (£45k£65k) £28.65 £30.11 -£1.46 -4.8%
Mean 3 (£30k–£45k) £19.18 £18.01 £1.17 6.5%
Mean 4 (£22k–£29k) £12.41 £12.12 £0.29 2.4%

We have also been working on giving more granularity on equal pay/gender pay gap, so here is some information by salary banding; the largest numbers of employees by far (27) are in band 3.

Employee turnover YTD is 2.5% (not including dismissals, temporary or interim roles); the whole year figure last financial year was 9.2%. Our current headcount is 48 (up to 54 including interim consultants and temporary workers).

Our environmental footprint

In last year’s report, we promised to provide on an update on this. Shortly before the lockdown, we set up a SIB Sustainability Champions Initiative, who met to discuss initial actions in March. The pandemic disrupted our plans, but also meant that the impact of our travel was much less (we implemented a zero work travel policy for safety). We've also switched to greener web hosting and away from servers to lessen our environmental impact. Moving this report to digital-only is also making a small reduction to our footprint.

Our suppliers and providers

We now use a number of social enterprises as suppliers -including our banks, our printers, our training and away day providers and our software. This year, we spent c.£120k on social enterprise suppliers. We review our suppliers on an ongoing basis to ensure we continue to buy social.

Our Finances

SIB is a relatively complex charity: we have four different legal entities in the group, some managing funds and repayments for government, and we have long-term stakes and investments in other companies alongside our in-year operational performance. Our latest accounts are still being worked on. We will update these in due course, but, in the meantime, you can view our most recent accounts submitted to Companies House via the following links:


Social Investment Business Foundation – consolidated accounts

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Social Investment Business Limited

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Futurebuilders England

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Forward Enterprise FM

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