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  • Investing in Breakthrough: Corporate Venture Capital report launched

Investing in Breakthrough: Corporate Venture Capital report launched

For most people, even in business, the corporate venture capital sector is often out of sight and out of mind, but that looks set to change. As part of Volans’ Breakthrough Capitalism program, we are proud to sponsor the Volan's Investing in Breakthrough: Corporate Venture Capital, a research report that reveals how some leading corporate venture capital (CVC) funds are investing in deals that provide financial return as well as social and/or environmental impact — and how, over time, more might do so. This emerging form of impact investment, the report concludes, will have an increasingly powerful influence on the future competitiveness of companies that operate such funds, and make more capital available for impact ventures.

Based on interviews with key CVC players, including Intel, Patagonia, Pearson, Suez and GE, the report identifies:

  • Some of the sectors that have a high propensity for long-term thinking and acting, including such domains as cleantech, education, health, urban infrastructure and transportation, financial inclusion, agriculture and food.
  • Novel approaches to impact innovation in terms of timing horizons, strategy and operations by corporate venture capitalists.
  • Key take-aways for corporate venture capital and impact funds to consider when building successful investment partnerships and syndicates.

To download to report, visit the Volan's website...

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