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Social ventures will need to work with one of our approved providers to develop their impact readiness plan and submit a grant application form for funding to complete their project.

The relationship with your provider is key to the success of your impact readiness project. We encourage ventures to shortlist providers based on their specialist skills and how well they understand your organisation as well as your working relationship.

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Aleron logo


Aleron is a non-profit consulting firm dedicated to creating positive change. We support social ventures, from large NGOs to grass-roots enterprises, to improve impact and efficiency.

Our team members are results-focused strategists and operational experts, who help social ventures attract millions in funding, generate savings, and demonstrate impact. We also aim to build in-house capabilities.

Impact readiness support includes:

  • Theories of change that articulate intended impact
  • Measurement frameworks to monitor performance
  • Bespoke tools, processes, and systems that are practical and efficient
  • Governance frameworks to enable effective use of learning
  • Evaluation and data analytics
  • Business development capability-building and opportunity specific support


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you measure and improve your impact please contact Katelyn Cioffi or call 07583 527841.


ATQ logo

ATQ Consultants

ATQ Consultants supports social ventures and other organisations to sustain and grow their enterprises, become investment ready, and gear up to operate in commercial markets and win contracts.

In the impact readiness area our focus is on impact growth and helping ventures demonstrate and prove impact to current and potential grant funders, commissioners, prime contractors and investors. 

We have supported a wide range of social ventures that have a theory of change and can articulate social value, but need help to meet the standards of independent and provable measurement, and quantitative achievement set by third parties. 


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help, please contact Edward Hickman (call 07540 540078), Neil Stanworth (call 07811 282059) or Eileen Robinson (call 07830 849015).


Baxendale logo


Baxendale aims to support the creation and success of strong, sustainable organisations.

With over 14 years of experience, Baxendale has supported the creation and success of over 80 sustainable businesses and social enterprises.

Our Impact Readiness offer includes:

  • Designing Social Performance Frameworks to integrate impact measurement and organisational performance
  • Measuring and articulating value created, tailoring tools to each organisation’s unique proposition
  •  Using this to improve business performance, win contracts and raise investment.

In the last 18months our expert advice has helped organisation to win more than £16 million in new public sector contracts and secure over £1million in new investment.  


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help, contact Gosia Wojcik by email or call 07516979943. 


CAN Invest logo

CAN Invest 

CAN, a charity and social enterprise, believes that being impact-led is critical to VCSEs achieving their mission. We are passionate about helping VCSEs evidence the value of their work, and since 2007 we have helped clients to measure and manage their impact through mentoring, facilitation and specialist advice. We are experts in:

  • A range of Social impact methodologies;
  • Developing bespoke measurement frameworks;
  • Linking impact to strategy, risk, and business development.

Our credentials include:

  • Helped 50+ frontline organisations to manage and communicate their impact.
  • Specialist impact advisor for a range of funders and intermediaries


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you please contact Ben Pearce by email or call 0203 096 7654.


Cogent logo

Cogent Ventures

We provide business advisory services to organisations in England that are involved in the provision of health, social care and community focused services.

We offer the following social impact advisory services: 

  • Theory of Change - Development of a robust theory of change. This typically involves sessions to establish long-term objectives and mapping of outcomes to objectives. 
  • Outcome Frameworks - Development of outcomes frameworks along with indicators for each outcome.  
  • Measurement & Reporting - Bespoke measurement and reporting systems to support ventures that are seeking social investment or who want to win public sector contracts.


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help, please contact Jim Brooks by email or call 0330 330 8608.


Crellin logo

Crellin Consulting

Crellin Consulting provides a bespoke service to support social ventures to demonstrate their impact and grow their organisations. 

Our support in evidencing impact has helped social ventures to increase their income through large grant applications and through winning contracts from local authorities and the NHS.

We have a very experienced team in measuring impact, developing performance, raising social investment and wining contracts.       

Crellin Consulting operates mainly in northern England and the East Midlands under strong social values which are; ‘to enable communities and individuals to prosper, particularly where those areas or individuals represent communities that are the most excluded.’


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you, please contact Debbie Crellin by email or call 01484 911090.


Eastside Primetimers

Since 2004, Eastside Primetimers has been delivering professional services to help the management teams of social enterprises and charities to develop, finance and grow their organisations.

We have assisted a number of clients to better articulate to commissioners and investors the social impact of what they do. We believe this works best by engaging the CEO and the whole organisation in agreeing the priorities for measurement then developing cost effective data collection and reporting processes for them.


Visit our website or contact Richard Litchfield by e-mail or call Richard or Matt on 020 7250 8440. 


Economic Change logo

Economic Change

Economic Change specialises in helping third sector organisations measure their performance and social impact on a real-time basis as part of an integrated management process.   

Our combined expertise in business strategy, contract management, management system design and social impact helps us to produce a complete solution for our clients.

The solution helps our clients to develop their service offer, streamline business processes and evaluate their customer experience; Leading to increased efficiencies, sustainability and overall impact.

We offer clients a blend of services:

  • Business Strategy
  • Developing impact frameworks and monitoring processes
  • Developing management systems specifications
  • System implementation using Salesforce CRM
  • Independent evaluation


Visit our website for more information. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact Heather Black by email or call 020 3051 8333.


Hall Aitken logo

Hall Aitken

Hall Aitken has been a leading impact measurement and evaluation specialist consultancy for 25 years.

We develop Theory of Change models and evaluation frameworks for funders, development partnerships and social ventures.  Our approach is underpinned by the principles of SROI. 

We help organisations to demonstrate impact directly and as part of large scale funding programmes (Government, Lottery or EU funded). 

Our Impact Guide and web tool has been used by over 500 organisations in the past year. Our approach also includes facilitated workshops and intensive viability support. We have staff based in London Manchester and Glasgow and 30 specialist associates. 


For more information please contact David Gourlay. / 0141 2255511


Impetus PEF 

Impetus-PEF works to transform the lives of 11-24 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds. We do this by providing extensive support to high-potential social ventures that help young people from low-income backgrounds improve their educational attainment to achieve at GCSE or enter university, or find and keep secure employment.

We are recognised as a leader in the field of working with social ventures to help them measure, evidence and achieve social impact, and then helping them to scale. Our package of support includes management advice, access to pro bono expertise, and assistance to unlock new sources of funding. 


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you contact Courtney White (Investment Assistant) on 020 3474 1004.

IARS logo

Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) 

IARS is an international NGO with a 10-year tracked record of producing evidence-based solutions to current social problems, evaluating and researching social action, sharing best practice and supporting ventures to achieve their potential.

We offer tailored, independent, credible and evidence-based evaluation and infrastructure services helping ventures to measure and improve their social impact, develop outcomes frameworks and drive efficiency. 

We use the Theory of Change and have structures to provide support at the highest standards locally, nationally and internationally.

Clients include: The Anne Frank Trust, Detention Action, Young Mayors, London Probation Trust and the British Council. We have high expertise in ventures covering justice, crime, human rights, education, young people, social inclusion, volunteering, equality and campaigning.


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help, please contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides by email or phone 020 706 44380 or 07833224442.   


Investing for Good

Investing for Good is a leading social impact consultancy and a social investment finance intermediary. Our dedication to ensuring that social impact is at the centre of what we do has resulted in publishing two market leading best practice guides based on extensive research, The Good Analyst and The Good Investor. We provide practical consulting services based on the core findings of these publications in the areas of impact measurement, analysis and strategy, and have worked with both large and small charities and social enterprises as well as with the leading UK social investment funds.  We are therefore able to understand the needs and motivations - as well as the challenges and opportunities - of all stakeholders involved in social impact measurement. 

Investing for Good believe the first requirement of any impact measurement system is that it is of greatest use to your organisation. Rather than telling you what you have to measure, IFG provide an explicit framework as to how your ideas, your activities, and the things that matter most to you can be assembled into a coherent system for impact measurement and reporting. 

Our Services include:

  • Development of Theories of Change
  • Impact Plan development
  • Development of tools and methods for data collection
  • Measurement System development to measure what matters
  • Independent impact ratings and reports


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help contact Sarah Moreau or Geoff Burnand or call 020 7060 1175 – 07710064610. 

LP logo

Local Partnerships

Local Partnerships LLP works with social businesses, the community-focused third sector and the public sector, supporting them to deliver more effectively, achieve more swiftly and give value for money.

We have a strong relationship and excellent reputation with the social enterprise sector and have worked with 100 spin-out social enterprises, helping nearly 60 of them to launch. 

Recognising the specific needs of social businesses, we focus on supporting the development of operating models that optimise the balance between service delivery, social impact and commercial sustainability. Our extensive experience of fund management has enabled us to help many social enterprises secure investment. We also manage the £6 million TSF for spin-outs. 

Calling on other specialist skills in our teams that work across central and local government, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, which includes:

  • Identification and measurement of social impact
  • Identifying opportunities for investment
  • Commercial modelling and business planning
  • Contract and performance management
  • Options appraisal, assurance and audit

We have a track record of successfully delivering projects for central government, local authorities, the NHS and social enterprises. The key to this is our enthusiasm, commitment and desire to work in partnership with our clients. 


Visit our website for more information. For a conversation on how we can work with your social business, contact Julie McEver by email or call 07920 06042.


Mutual Ventures

Mutual Ventures is a socially-focused consultancy dedicated to innovation, efficiency and sustainability in public and local community services. As a leading provider to the Cabinet Office’s Mutual Support Programme, we have particular expertise in supporting organisations who deliver public services.  We have supported a wide range of organisations to develop growth strategies, win new contacts, secure investment and robustly measure social impact across a variety of metrics. 

Our experience is complemented by an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies and challenges of public service commissioning and procurement and the challenges of demonstrating value to commissioners.


For more information visit our website. Contact us via email or call us on (020) 3714 3900.


NPC logo


NPC is a charity which exists to make social ventures and funders more successful in achieving their missions.

NPC offers a range of consultancy services to help ventures understand, improve and demonstrate their social impact including:

  • Developing a theory of change to help ventures understand their impact
  • Reviewing any existing measurement approaches and relevant evidence
  • Helping ventures to create a measurement framework and then to prioritise what to measure
  • Selecting and/or developing appropriate tools to test the impact of interventions
  • Using impact data to improve effectiveness

NPC’s approach is facilitative, designed to help ventures become self-sufficient through training and joint decision making.


Visit our website for more information about our organisation. To find out how we can help you measure and improve your impact please contact Sarah Handley or Abigail Rotheroe or call 020 7620 4850.  


PwC is one of the world’s pre-eminent professional services organisations. As professional advisers we help our clients solve complex business problems and aim to enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance. We have a dedicated Social Investment and Enterprise Team providing a range of services to social enterprises, charities, public sector commissioners and impact investors. Our services, in relation to impact growth, include assisting ventures to consider the internal and external benefits of impact measurement and management and demonstrating these to investors and other external stakeholders via system wide integration, impact reporting, bids and investment cases.  

PwC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for designated investment business.  


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you measure and improve your impact please contact Nichola Swann or call 07850 907 641 or Mark Graham on 07710 397 826.

Pulse logo

Pulse Regeneration

Looking for practical support to increase your social impact?

Pulse Regeneration is a leading consultancy specialising in helping ambitious social ventures manage their performance and enhance their impact to attract social investment and win contracts. We have supported a wide range of organisations across the UK for over 13 years, and we understand the difficulties involved in measuring impact and then using this information to secure investment.

We would be pleased to help you understand your social impact and provide you with the knowledge, expertise and tools to be able to demonstrate the true value of your activities.


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you, contact Chris Hart by email or call 0151 475 7000.



Founded in 2002, Resonance is a social impact investment company with more than a decade of experience working with social enterprises throughout the UK. We help social enterprises raise capital from investors who value both their social impact and their business model. We also create and manage investment funds focused on specific social issues across a range of sectors. We have particular expertise in social impact and begin every assignment with a diagnosis of an organisation’s theory of change. This is the starting point from which we help clients build relationships, information systems and dashboards to monitor their social impact; as consistently as their financial data. Resonance has a team of 25 with offices in Cornwall, Manchester, Bristol and London. 


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you, contact Chris Wood by email or call 00845 00 43432.


Selnet incorporated in 2005 and now employ a staff team to facilitate, manage and deliver business support, advice and products for sustainable growth to Social Enterprises.

Selnet, and member organisations, have vast experience supporting VCSE organisations, particularly Social Businesses, to consider suitable financing options, raise social investment through sources including grants, community shares, loan stock and commercial loans and to secure public sector contracts.

Support is delivered by qualified, experienced Social Enterprise specialist advisors who understand the needs of the sector and are creative and adaptable in their approach. 

Our team will support you to develop Impact measurement plans, tools and methods for data collection and system development to measure what is important for your organisation.


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you please contact Liz Tapner by email or call 01772 200690 or 07773401251 or Mike on 07990030656.

Social Finance 

Social Finance is a not for profit organisation that partners with the government, the social sector and the financial community to find better ways of tackling social problems in the UK and beyond. 

We are dedicated to finding ways to raise capital through robust investment propositions and are committed to driving financial innovation in the sector by designing investment products that deliver measurable social and financial return. We also have a broad range of research and advisory capabilities with which to enhance understanding and engagement with the social investor market. 

Social Finance brings together individuals with substantial expertise in finance, strategy consultancy and the social sector to drive innovative, sustainable and scalable investment propositions. 


Visit our website or Twitter for more information. To find out how we can help email or call 0207 667 6370. 


Substance logo

Sporting Assets & Substance Partnership

Sporting Assets helps sports communities take ownership of facilities, develop new ones and accelerate their development as a sustainable enterprise. Substance, is a social research and impact evaluation specialist with a wealth of impact measurement experience. 

Our partnership can support social ventures in sports, culture and cooperative sectors to: define their theory of change and develop bespoke outcomes frameworks; pull together and evaluate their data to quantify impact; develop reliable business plans to manage performance, help social ventures grow and maximise their social impact by embedding evaluation, new infrastructure and skills; and use evidence to raise funding and help ventures win new contracts.


Visit the Sporting Assets website or the Substance website for more information. To find out how we can help you, contact Tom Hall at Sporting Assets by email or call 020 36372924 / 07961 170172 or Adam Brown at Substance by email or call 07974 963020.


TSIP logo

Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP)

The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) is a social advisory business that combines research with practical strategy and delivery support to solve intractable problems in society - we help people use facts to do good. Since 2010 our team has supported government departments, charities and social enterprises as well as some of the UK’s leading social investors, and grant givers. We provide training in theory of change, evaluation planning, analysis and reporting, and delivering impact, process and cost-benefit evaluations. We pioneered the development of Evidence Hubs – where the collection of rigorous evidence is wired into the commissioning or delivery of a service or product - and run Project Oracle, the world’s first Children and Youth Evidence Hub.


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you, please contact Stephen Bediako by email or call 02071484610 or 07825042970.


TSIP logo

Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC)

The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC) is an international consulting firm that helps businesses, charities and philanthropists to maximise their social impact. We are able to offer an end-to-end impact measurement service to clients, spanning the development of a logical framework, design of evaluation processes and data collection tools, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, report writing, and undertaking performance assessments.

Our approach is one of collaboration with clients to design practical systems that can be fully owned and managed in-house following the completion of our work. We also take a strong focus on learning – viewing impact measurement as a key tool for organisations to reflect on what they are learning about the issues they are trying to solve and how to improve internally, as well as to engage in dialogue with the wider sector based on evidence. 


Visit our website for more information. To find out how we can help you, please contact Claire Arnott by email or call 0207 239 8935.


South West Forum

South West Forum supports social ventures to be effective, collaborative, influential and independent. Our Impact Hub South West services range from an initial impact diagnosis to specialist consultancy, training and advice on specific tools and methodologies. We help our clients to build their own impact capability and ensure impact tools are fully integrated into the organisation’s operation. We support social ventures to develop their own Theory of Change, design and implement impact and evaluation frameworks, apply SROI and Cost Benefit Analysis methodologies and utilise bespoke tools (such as Social Return Assessment) developed through our own £0.5million Proving our Value programme.


For more information visit our website. To hear how we can help you contact Stephen Woollett or call 01392 247901; 07792 206752 or Simon Mayell on 01392 247901; 07792 206926.

UNW LLP/Social Enterprise Acumen 

UNW, a firm of chartered accountants are working in partnership with Social Enterprise Acumen CIC. Both organisations are based in the North East but we work with social enterprises across the UK and overseas. 

Together we provide the following: 

  • Consultation to understand your organisation and how you want to develop to increase your impact and investment readiness.
  • Practical support to guide you through the process of becoming investor ready – setting your strategy by defining mission, vision, objectives, KPIs, financial forecasting, governance, understanding your theory of change and preparing a business plan which will cover everything that an investor needs to know.
  • Understanding of what investors, commissioners and funders are looking for in your organisation how you can  demonstrate your impact.
  • A framework for social impact and access to a wide range of tools so that we can find the right way for you to measure impact without creating a whole new department
  • Helpful support based on experience to help you overcome barriers to accessing investment and contracts
  • Access to a wide network of contacts including pro-bono support, commissioners  and investors

 Our key goal in working with you is to achieve your vision for change and for your venture. 


For more information visit the Social Enterprise Acumen website. To hear how they can help contact Kate Welch or call 0191 386 9785, 0780 933 0102. For UNW website Jo Powell or call  0191 243 6093, 07880 032 699.