A Tale of Two Funds: The management and performance of the Futurebuilders-England Fund

On 8th July, we launched a report from the Boston Consulting Group, which looks back at the performance and management of the Futurebuilders-England Fund over the last ten years.

“There is little doubt that Futurebuilders was, and remains, a highly innovative fund that helped to catalyse the growth of social investment in England”

Futurebuilders provided loan financing to third sector organisations in England to help them bid for, win and deliver public service contracts. With £145 million of loan financing, Futurebuilders was the largest social investment fund in the UK.

For some, it was one of the founding pillars of the UK social investment market. Others viewed it as a distortive influence that undercut other nascent players to "get funds out the door". In short, no other intervention in the UK social investment market has attracted such opposing, and strongly held, points of view.

"Government clearly thought Futurebuilders was the answer to everything"

Our Chief Executive, Jonathan Jenkins, explains why the report was comissioned: "2014 was the 10th anniversary of the first investment from Futurebuilders, so what better time than to capture the data and ask the Boston Consulting Group to undertake this analysis and develop recommendations for social investors based on the lessons from those first ten years."

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Beyond Autism video

In 2010 Beyond Autism received a loan of £2,018,500 from Futurebuilders to purchase and redevelop a secondary school at Wandsworth Common, south west London.

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