Investment and Contract Readiness Fund

The fund is not currently accepting applications for grants or providers and further updates will be provided in the coming months.

The Office for Civil Society's 10m three year Investment and Contract Readiness Fund supported social ventures to build their capacity to be able to receive investment and bid for public service contracts.

The fund was dedicated to helping charities and social enterprises acquire the skills they needed to raise investment and compete for public service contracts. A recent report for the G8 identified it as a vital tool to grow the UK social sector, which already contributes more than 80 billion to the economy each year.

The Fund matched social sector organisations with one of over 30 approved providers to help them raise investment or compete for public service contracts. Social ventures need to find an approved provider to work with before applying to the Fund.

In November 2014 we announced that the fund had helped social sector organisations win deals worth more than 115 million.


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